Improved lives of hundreds of youth and their families

Sengerema Foundation, the Dutch partner of YEP Tanzania, has been active in Tanzania for over more than 10 years (see ‘Background’). In that period almost 600 youth have been trained and around 300 of them received a small loan to start their business or to expand their business. Almost 200 of the YEP beneficiaries are being visited for 2 more years after they graduated from the program. During that period the YEP team helps them with the challenges they face and provide more tailor made coaching in case needed. The YEP monitoring team consists of former YEP students who have their own successful business now. Because of that they are able to mentor and coach the young entrepreneurs.

Establishing of YEP Tanzania as a local implementing partner of the YEP Program

Based on the initiatives of Sengerema Foundation (a Dutch foundation), YEP Tanzania which was established in January 2015, developed herself into a small but sustainable local NGO, supporting projects in different areas. Supplying jobs for its own staff and reducing costs at program implementation, by using former YEP students and international volunteers as trainers and coordinators. By running this NGO we also collected knowledge on TRA systems, payments systems and other systems which are important for entrepreneurs by bringing their business from informal to the formal level.

Student based and practical curriculum

Recently we introduced a new co-developed curriculum, which includes general entrepreneurial skills as well as life skills. It is student based and includes many practical and interactive parts. Through this new curriculum our students will have a strong basis to start, improve or expand their business, individually or in groups.