In Arusha YEP Tanzania is the implementing partner of TRIAS.
TRIAS is a Belgian NGO, a joint initiative of three Belgian NGOs and their networks. TRIAS’ core business focuses on a sustainable livelihood security of entrepreneurial people (small-scale farmers and small-scale micro-entrepreneurs) and their organizations in developing countries by promoting self-development, entrepreneurship and local economic development. TRIAS also wants to stimulate exchange and to raise awareness and mutual solidarity between entrepreneurs and farmers and their organizations in South and North.

The program in Arusha is implemented by YEP Tanzania, also in cooperation with the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA). The goal of this program is to help improve the skills of their (potential) young members.

The YEP training focusses on skills needed to run and manage your business, such as bookkeeping, pricing, customer care, computer skills and promotion through social media


Sengerema Foundation (Stichting Sengerema)

In Rombo (Kilimanjaro Region) and Misungwi (Mwanza region) YEP Tanzania is implementing partner for the Dutch partner organisation Sengerema Foundation ( In those regions we work closely together with the Rombo council and Misungwi council.