Mission and Background

YEP Tanzania believes in the power of Youth. If we are able to support the youth who are currently stopped in their development, and help them to become independent of their parents and give them their own goals in life to create their own future we will make the world a better place.

Mission YEP Tanzania

YEP Tanzania aims to support under-served youth in Tanzania to start and / or grow their own business and become successful business men and business women in order to create sustainable income for them and their families. In educating them on several entrepreneurial skills and technical skills , YEP Tanzania connects youth to financial service providers and help them to apply for loans. YEP Tanzania focuses mainly on the youth of Tanzania which is not able to develop themselves due to lack of (financial) support from family and friends.

Based on our mission we implement our YEP Program based on the following elements
  • Inform and select candidates
  • train youth on entrepreneurial and technical skills
  • bring and share ideas about life skills and empowerment
  • connect to financial suppliers
  • start-grow their business
  • stimulate membership of saving groups
  • coaching 2 -3 years after joining the program.


Our History

In December 2006, a group of young people from the Netherlands visited Sengerema, Tanzania, as volunteers, in order to help young entrepreneurs to write a business plan. They believed that supplying people with knowledge and insights on how to run a business would help them to improve their lives by creating a sustainable income with their own business. Every year they came back and trained new youth.

As a result of that, in 2008 a foundation in the Netherlands called “Sengerema Foundation” was established and we started supplying small loans in addition to business plan support. This because we believed that small financial support would allow these young entrepreneurs to realize their plans. Furthermore, the first graduate students were involved in a training program to teach a new group of entrepreneurs. Sengerema Foundation expanded its reach and to operate in a more sustainable way, the Tanzanian NGO YEP Tanzania (Youth Entrepreneurship Program) was founded. This NGO was started by students who called themselves the education committee from the Sengerema Young Entrepreneurs, an organization established in Sengerema. This committee is a fully Community Based Organization (CBO). From that moment, YEP Tanzania became the local implementing partner of the Sengerema Foundation.

Over the years our training program has developed and has been adapted to the needs of the youth who received a training. This resulted in the implementation of computer classes as well as special skill classes like bakery or negotiation skills, in addition to the original basic training. We believe that we are entrepreneurs ourselves as well, because we adapt our service offering year by year to the needs of our students and the new insights we gain through evaluation visits from our board members and students from the Netherlands.

Now, we have a strong team of role model YEP trainers and coaches, who are graduate students from the program and who have (had) their own business.