Who are we?

YEP Tanzania is a Tanzanian NGO which has been active in Tanzania since 2008. YEP Tanzania aims to support under-served youth in Tanzania to start and / or grow their own business and become successful business men and business women in order to create sustainable income for them and their families. In educating them on several entrepreneurial skills and technical skills , YEP Tanzania connects youth to financial service providers and help them to apply for loans. YEP Tanzania focuses mainly on the youth of Tanzania which is not able to develop themselves due to lack of (financial) support from family and friends.
We partner with Sengerema Foundation (‘Stichting Sengerema’) from the Netherlands.

The YEP program has huge impact on the participating youth and knows many success stories throughout Tanzania. These three video’s show very inspiring stories of our young beneficiaries of the Arusha program. The video itself is also shot and edited by one of the students of the YEP program.

Our Project Locations