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YEP Agriculture project Misungwi, Tanzania

YEP Tanzania is implementing a Sengerema Foundation project in Misungwi District, Mwanza region near the lake Victoria.

After trained and supported individual youth on entrepreneurial skills for more than 5 year we shifted our focus in 2019 to agriculture and related industries for groups and individuals. We decided to make this change after discussions with the local Misungwi district government and input from the departments of agriculture and community development.

The goals of the project

  • To create jobs and self-employment in the agriculture sector and related businesses
  • Stimulating youth to become commercial farmers, or livestock keepers
  • Make farming attractive for youth
  • To create (job) opportunities for youth in rural areas
  • To develop and stimulate youth to become role models for others
  • To create an infra structure which make these activities possible, realistic and attractive

The facilities will also be used as:

  • Training/visitor center for those who want to be educated/informed about commercial farmers/ livestock keeping
  • Organizing seminars for our partners and other people who are interested.

How we achieve our goals

  1. Train and empower youth to be able to run a farm or have cattle in a commercial way within 2 years
  2. Supply good facilities and a safe environment
  3. Stimulate the youth to  become “innovative” commercial farmers/ livestock keepers
  4. Supply them with tools and infra structure, which they can use to develop their business activities for free at the start; once  their business is profitable they will start paying rent for using the facilities

YEP Tanzania assists them in record keeping and developing financial insights in their activities, and we introduce them to new ways of working, new products or services by connecting them to our network, the market or other relevant stakeholders.

Our Main Objectives for 2022-2024

  • Train 45 young people of which 20 will become entrepreneurs (in a group or individual). The entrepreneurs will provide daily or temporary jobs to at least another 40 people.

The training consist of

  • Empowerment/ behavior change/open your mind classes
  • Technical skills classes
  • Entrepreneurial skills classes

 And after that, once they have started running their business:

Business- and personal coaching

Innovation and improving their business by advanced technical training.

  • Create 2.000 m2 of greenhouse (5 x 400m)
  • Create 5.000 m2 of outdoor farming with a dripping system
  • Create 5.000 m2 for rice farming in order to provide food for the teams and to support their families
  • Create a goat house and a cow house for 60-90 goats and 5-10 cows
  • Expanded the needed area, with 30.000  m2 meter if needed to grow food the goats and cows
  • Have a milk production from our cows which is at least 2 x the volume of production of the local cows
  • Build a “farmhouse” to accommodate 30 people
  • Install solar water pumps, which pumps water from the nearby lake Victoria. Connected to 4-5 water tanks which distribute the water by gravity to the different parts of the agricultural area.

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