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Update Misungwi September 2021

In 2018 we started with our greenhouse project. The greenhouse project is funded by the Sengerema Foundation from the Netherlands and their donors. The first greenhouse was finalized in 2018. At that time we started with a group of 7 young Tanzanian who wanted to learn more about agriculture. With this project the focus of Misungwi changed. The focus for this area now is to develop an agricultural centre for the youth of Misungwi. In 2020 we have built the second greenhouse and in 2021 we expanded the area with goat cattle and with a farmhouse for accommodation of the people who work on the projects. Furthermore, some training facilities were added.

It is the intention to develop that area with more agro projects, such as a good irrigation system, open field farming, good solar systems, lab centre but also help the youth of Misungwi to start their own businesses related to agriculture. For example a small factory for making yoghurt, cheese (from cows but also from goat milk). A butchery or a restaurant which are selling the products of the place etc.

In December 2020 a new group of farmers started at the greenhouse. It is a group of 6 young people who attended the agricultural college. The dream of this group is to become good farmers so that they can support their families and hire people from the community. The first cucumber harvest they had was in May 2021. From the income of that, they bought new seeds and supported their families.

Other achievements from 2020 till now September 2021 in Misungwi

  • Finalizing coolhouse at the agricultural site
  • Became partner with the agricultural college in Misungwi
  • Maintain contact with the council and when possible worked with them
  • Produced mouth masks for covid with some entrepreneurs
  • Started milling station
  • Coaching and monitoring the entrepreneurs from the years before
  • Trained 50 students from Elabs (training centre for laboratory students) about entrepreneurs skills
  • Gave training in cooperation with Love in Action (NGO in Mwanza) to 40 entrepreneurs
  • Gave leadership training to staff members of Love in Action
  • Started with a coaching committee
  • Selected and started with a new group young entrepreneurs for the greenhouse
  • Selected and trained shepherds for goats
  • Started a goat cattle at the agricultural centre
  • Gave a makeup workshop for saloon people
  • Coached and mentoring the greenhouse people
  • Trained saloon entrepreneurs in how they can expand their business
  • Joined a national agriculture event in Dodoma
  • Maintenance greenhouses
  • Visited the livestock college to see if we can work together
  • Building a farmhouse for the entrepreneurs and with training facilities
  • Gave a training about making yogurt and how to keep milk to the shepherds and people from the milk factory
  • Build a goathouse
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