Update Q2 Arusha

Update Q2 Arusha : 24th of April, 2019

Kick of class 3 in Arusha
Thanks to TRIAS’ hospitality, we could host this event in their beautiful garden. Representatives of TRIAS, TCCIA and YEP were there. Also, the regional trade officer, mr Nusu, was present to join this event and gave a positive speech at the end of the event.

Four of our former students from class 1 and 2 were invited to give their testimonies on YEP. This was a great success and inspired the new students.
Financial Management classes

The following classes were part of the Financial Management block:

  • Basic record keeping
  • ‘10 mistakes’
  • Selling Price
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Knowing margin to select products
  • Financial planning
  • Wallets

For a more in dept explanation on these different classes please find it in the Q2 report Arusha.

Empowerment classes

The following empowerment classes were included in this block:

  • Tree of life
  • Behavior change
  • Problem solving

For a more in dept explanation on these different classes please find it in the Q2 report Arusha.

TRA class

At the intake classes we noticed already that a lot of challenges/ questions were TRA related. Therefor YEP and TCCIA decided to invite the regional trade officer, mr. Nusu, to give a class on TRA issues.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Entrepreneurship ID
  • Requirements for paying tax

This session was very useful for all of the students. Above that, the trade officer was happy that YEP incorporated this topic in their lessons, because in this way the TRA can reach and educate a large number of entrepreneurs. We will continue the good cooperation with TRA.

Monitor and coaching visits

During the months April / May / June, apart from the classes, the YEP team in Arusha also performed coaching visits to the students of class 1 and 2. We are proud to see that almost all of them managed to improved their business, and keep in improving. Not only in sales, but also by hiring assistants or expanding business.